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Image file: country-restaurant-logo.gif

The Country Restaurant Logo depicted on this page is the authentic graphic design by

The logo is about food, enjoyment, entertainment and people. The logo incorporates all of these characteristics.

In the middle of the logo a plate invites the viewer to add more delicious sweet stuff. Fortunately the plate is empty. It is after all a logo designed to honor the biscuit. The periphery of the plate indicates an incomplete circle. On the left side of the border line a few dots were designed. Swinging from near the dots a dark chocolate brown swoosh descends down in the fold of the bottom side of the plate.

A fork is designed to the left side of the plate. A knife is designed to the right side of the plate. Both these eating utensils are slightly slanted outwards from the plate.

The name of the company is compiled by 3 words. The first word commences close to the bottom portion of the fork. Below the first word the rest of the name follows.

No border lines nor a shadow base appear in the logo.

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