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Presbytarian Church Logo

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Presbytarian Church Logo
Image file: presbytarian-church-logo.gif

Our clients from Abingdon, VA 24210, United States of America had a logo in mind, depicting the character and vision of and for their church. This logo image they found and bought on the Web site of

The logo design contains four graphic objects. These objects are: the cross, icon of the Christian faith, four leaf petals, the incomplete circle frame and the placement of their church name and strap line.

The cross takes the main position in the logo image. The cross is designed in upright position. The cross is colored white. The base of the cross unites with the circular border which embraces the graphic details inside the circle. The circle has a double border line. The interior of the border is colored green. Four leaf petals are arranged adjacent to the left and right sides of the shaft of the cross. There are two petals on each side of the cross. The leaf petals are equal in size. One petal on each side of the shaft of the cross is colored green. This green is the same color as the interior of the border. One petal on the right side is colored light lilac while the other petal on the left is colored dark lilac. The background onto which the cross and leafs are designed is colored dark blue.

The name of the church is designed in close proximity of the bottom portion of the logo. The strap line of the church is designed at the top of the logo, flowing with the curve of the border lines. The name and strap line of the church is colored in dark lilac except the last two words of the church name.

The names of the colors are: dark lilac - Fill: 65% PANTONE 2757 C; light lilac - Fill: 49% PANTONE 2757 C; dark blue - Rill: 100% PANTONE 2757 C; the green - Fill: 100% PANTONE 356 C.

The name of the font used to draw the strap line is called Mirarae BT (25 pt). The name of the font used to draw the name of the church is called AvantGarde Bk BT5 (24 pt).

The logo has no drop shadow.

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