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Insurance Annuity Services Logo

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Insurance Annuity Services Logo
Image file: insurance-annuity-services-logo.gif

Our client from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada bought this pre-designed logo as it symbolized the character of his business.

The logo design is composed of three swooshes. The first two swooshes colored deep blue and orange, are designed in concave format flowing into a convex format ending in a concave format. These two swooshes start off as two separate swooshes, are joined together. The upper and longer swoosh opens up and ends free from the main swoosh.

The third and smaller swoosh is designed underneath the upper two swooshes. The third and smaller swoosh takes off linking with the other two swooshes, in concave format ending in a convex format. It does not touch the swooshes again.

The name of the company has seven words. The first two words are designed in prominent Trajan Pro font. The following five words are also designed using the Trajan Pro font, but in much smaller lettering beneath the first two words.

The tag line or slogan follows directly below the name of the company. The slogan and name of the company are divided by a delicate orange line. The same font was used, that is Trajan Pro.

The colors of the Insurance Annuity Services Logo are deep blue, light blue and orange.

The name of the deep blue color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 2747 C. The name of the light blue color is Fill: 60% PANTONE 2747 C.

The name of the orange color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 124 C.

The logo design has no border lines nor a shadow base.

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