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Signature Logo

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Signature Logo
Image file: signature-logo.gif

The logo design on display is a pre-designed logo by

The price of the logo design is $125.90 (USD).

The Signature logo design has the format of the alphabetic letter S. Two broad swooshes curve their way towards each other, almost touching at the central section of the signature logo design. The upper swoosh is concave in design. The lower swoosh snakes it way in precision to the upper swoosh. The lower swoosh is also concave giving the signature logo design a third dimensional impression.

The business name is designed underneath the letter S graphic design. The name of the business is flanked by one horizontal lines extended to each side of the company name. The rest of the company name is designed at the base of the first part of the name. The logo design in total, has no borders, giving the graphic design an air of eternity.

There are three colors. The upper swoosh of the letter S logo design is colored blue. The lower swoosh is colored gray. The name of the business is colored blue and the rest of the business name is colored light blue. The two horizontal lines are colored gray.

The fonts are GarmDITC Bk BT (Normal)(ENU)

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