Snowcapped Mountain Path Logo

Snowcapped Mountain Path Logo

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Snowcapped Mountain Path Logo
Image file: snowcapped-mountain-path-logo.gif

This is a mountain logo that has been designed for one of our customers in Denver, Colorado. This logo was available from our pre-designed logos, category mountain logos. The customer also used this logo for all his stationery needs.

The designer made five different previews of this logo for our customer. The customer and designer worked together in changing the fonts, colors and size of the fonts. In the end the customer asked the designer to make the tagline for this logo green as the green has some symbolism. Our designer also changed the blue to a darker blue that is a bit more elegant and with more contrast.

The final logo is a dark blue snow capped mountain with a green path going up the hill of the mountain. The first part of the text is enlarged in blue with a green line dividing the green tagline from this enlarged blue text.

The colors used for this design are 100% Pantone 301C, white and 100% Pantone 362C. The logo has no drop shadow.

This logo is not for sale.

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