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Gaming Hardware Logo

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Gaming Hardware Logo
Image file: gaming-hardware-logo.gif

Our client is from Hampstead, NC United States
of America. Our client paid $125-90 (USD) for his pre-designed logo.

The turn around time is 1 business day between each revision. Our client received 16 design concepts before calling for finalization of his business logo. He received his Gaming Hardware Logo within 4 business days.

The Gaming Hardware Logo is the image of a shield, cleaved from top to middle flowing into an explosive design of a six point red star carrying a six point white star in its middle sector. Both these starts are embedded in a hollow in the center of the shield. The border of the shield, the cleavage and outer star are colored red. The shield is colored metallic gray.

The name of the company is designed in bold capital letters underneath the logo. The tag line is designed underneath the name of the company. The tag line is also designed in capital letters.

The logo has no border lines or a shadow base.

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