Abstract Airplane Globe Travel Logo

Abstract Airplane Globe Travel Logo

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Abstract Airplane Globe Travel Logo
Image file: abstract-airplane-globe-travel-logo.gif

Our client from Miami has extensive experience in the aviation industry, with a degree in Professional Aeronautics. His company offers a range of strategic management solutions for aviation related companies. He discovered the tailor-made pre-designed logo in our travel category at Biz-Logo.com.

After only a few minor changes, our client called for finalization of his design.
The image consists of a gridded globe, colored with a combination of gray and blue. An aircraft is designed slightly to the left of the globe, shown traveling around the globe in an anti clockwise direction. The design speaks for itself, as the globe and airplane indicates an international aviation company.

The color gray is neutral, subdued and reserved. Gray conforms - it is conventional, dependable and practical.

Gray serves as a good background for other colors as it doesn't attract attention, allowing the other colors to take prominence. Gray suggests security, reliability and maturity.

Blue works well for the corporate world and is often used for more conservative types of businesses, where trust and reliability are important. Being a cool color it creates a sensation of space.

Font: Kinescope (Normal) (ENU)

Colors: Curve Fill: G:178 and 100% PANTONE 301 C

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