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Atom Logo
Image file: atom-logo.gif

Our client is from Homestead.

Custom logo designs as seen on this page is the result of a procession of inter actions between the graphic designer and client.

The logo image depicts the nucleas of an atom. A portion of the name of the company is abbreviated. The design is composed of several swooshes encircling one of the abbreviation components of the company name. The abbreviation is composed of 3 letters of the Western alphabet. Each letter is followed by a full stop and a space. The middle letter and full stop forms part of the nucleas.

The swooshes numbers 4 in total. The most prominent two swooshes are thick and robust in design. The lower swoosh is designed in concave format. This swoosh has a shadow base designed inside of the concave. The colors of this swoosh are different shades of blue. The shadow base is colored black fading out into light gray.

The second robust swoosh is designed in convex format towering over the lower swoosh. The same pattern in shadow base and colors is duplicated in this swoosh.

The third and fourth swooshes are delicate in design. They partly encircle the previous described two swooshes. The colors of the third and fourth swooshes are black and gray.

The 4 swooshes do not touch the middle letter and full stop.

Beneath the abbreviations and nucleus is designed that last word forming the name of the company. This word is designed in bold capital letters and colored black.

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