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Flower Nature Logo

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Flower Nature Logo
Image file: flower-nature-logo.gif

Our client from Istanbul, Turkey, saw an example of the perfect logo he had in mind for his business.

He bought this Flower Nature Logo for the price of $125-90 (USD). The turn around time is 1 business day per revision.

Our client received 5 concept designs and chose the best design to become the flagship of his company.

The logo is the graphic design of one single flower. The flower is standing up right and it is facing to the left. The flower has an open design with 8 petals branching out from the inner center. The inner center is very lightly colored by a light blue color, fading into a white color. This gives the flower the illusion of having light shining from the center of the flower head. The delicate stem of the flower leans towards the left. The stem has no leaves.

The name of the company is designed in bold spaced letters. The name of the company has one word. The tag line is designed underneath the name. The tag line consists of 8 words, aligned in two sections beneath each other. The tag line is design in capital letters.

The logo has no shadow base or border lines.

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