Professional Quality Swoosh Logo

Professional Quality Swoosh Logo

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Professional Quality Swoosh Logo
Image file: professional-quality-swoosh-logo.gif

The logo image on this page is an original graphic design by

The Professional Quality Swoosh Logo is composed by one stable sector. This sector is seen on the left side of the logo. The design has vertical and horizontal lines into which a swoosh curves its way from the horizontal bottom upwards ending very near the top of the stable sector or corner design. Another swoosh drops down from a horizontal platform attached to the corner design. This swoosh plunges to the bottom attaching itself to the first swoosh. A third and last swoosh finishes off the logo. This last swoosh has a bulky bottom, swinging upwards past the second swoosh.

The name of the company is designed below the Professional Quality Swoosh Logo. The strap line follows suite beneath the logo and company name.

The name of the font used to design the company name in is Placard MT Condenced (57.848). The strap line font is called EngraversGothic BT (27.456).

The colors are blue: Fill: 100% PANTONE 287 C. Light blue: Fill: 100% PANTONE 285 C. Pale blue: Fill: 60% PANTONE 285 C.

The logo has no border lines nor a drop shadow.

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