Globe Lines Swoosh Logo

Globe Lines Swoosh Logo

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Globe Lines Swoosh Logo
Image file: globe-lines-swoosh-logo.gif

The business of our clients in Athens called for a logo design. Our clients chose to do business with.

Our clients decided to go for a pre-designed logo which they searched and found in the Globe Category of Web site.

The image on this page is all about the chosen pre-designed logo. The globe is gritted and tilted to the left side of the viewer. The grit lines are colored white. The rectangles caused by the grit lines are colored red. The name of the red color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 186 C.

The globe is accompanied by two circles. The larger circle of the two has a broad body facing the viewer. The rest of the circle disappears at the back of the globe. The second circle rotates in the same direction as the first circle but at a different angle. Both these circles are colored black. The name of the color black is Fill: Fountain, Outline: None.

The logo has a shadow base. The name of the color of the ellipse is Fill: R:204 G:204 B:204, Outline: None.

The name of the company is written by 3 words. The first word takes the prominent place. The second and third words are designed beneath the first word. The name is designed in bold black letters. A red swoosh pierces the last two words in part. The swoosh is designed in convex format. The name of the color of the red swoosh is the same as that of the rectangles inside the globe.

The logo has no border lines.

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