Personal Home Chef Catering Logo

Personal Home Chef Catering Logo

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Personal Home Chef Catering Logo
Image file: personal-home-chef-catering-logo.gif

Our client chose the pre-designed logo from

The Personal Home Chef Catering Logo was bought at $125-90 (USD). This logo is now the property of our client.

The turn around time of the Personal Home Chef Catering Logo is 1 business day. Our client received 1 batch of concept designs, chose the best of the 4 designs and finalized the logo design. The process took 2 business days.

The logo image displayed on this page is a cooking pan with a traditional chef's head gear directly on top of the opening of the pan. The image presents a bellowing cloud of steam coming from the pan. The pan handle points to the right hand side of the viewer.

The name of the company is spelled by 3 words. The first word is designed to the left of the logo on the same level as than of the pan. The following 2 words are designed below the logo.

The tag line of the company is designed inside a box under the company name.

The logo has no border lines or shadow base.

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