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Horse Rescue Logo

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Horse Rescue Logo
Image file: horse-rescue-logo.gif

The pre-designed logo on view, is uniquely created by one of in-house graphic designers. A pre-designed logo is created keeping every business owner in mind. Pre-designed logos from the stable of are exceptionally outstanding, meeting logo design needs almost at a glanced.

This Horse Rescue logo was found in the Animal Horse Category of Here is a link to view the Category : Please copy and paste into your browser to open.

Our client from Great Neck, New York, United States of America, ordered their logo and within two business days the logo design was finalized. Our client received ten concept designs to choose the very best design from. That design design was finalized and copyrighted.

The turnaround time for pre-designed logos is one business day. It works like this: as soon as payment is received, one of in-house graphic designers has one business day to design the clients logo, matching colors, fonts and placement of company name and slogan according to the guidelines given by our client. The workbenches in each of studios, simulates a beehive. Skills, comprehension of the clients business and logo design needs, are high priority. The first batch of concept designs are emailed to our client. Our client chooses the most attractive design, add his or her preferences and return these by email.The process repeats itself from here onwards.

The Horse Rescue logo features the outlines of the head of a horse, with a portion of the front body composed by flowing swooshes. The head of the horse is facing backwards, looking over the right shoulder. Three swooshes extends themselves from the neck of the horse logo, bordering under the mouth of the horse. Two of the swooshes flow past the neck of the horse, curving behind the neck, taking position as a portion of the left shoulder. The left ear of the horse is designed in an upright fashion. The mane of the horse is short. The left eye, left portion of the nose and mouth runs into one solid composure.

The name of the company is placed at the left hand side of the horse logo design, very closely to the bottom portion of the of the horse logo.

The fonts of the company name is Pringuino (Normal)ENU).

The colors of the horse logo is Fill: PANTONE 376 C, Outline: None and Fill: PANTONE 308 C, Outline: None.

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