Electronic Repair Company Logo

Electronic Repair Company Logo

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Electronic Repair Company Logo
Image file: electronic-repair-company-logo.gif

The logo pictured on this page is a pre-designed logo. The logo was searched and found on the Web site of Biz-Logo.com. The category of the section on the Web site is Technology Logos.

The outer design of the logo is a rectangle. The rectangle is divided in 2 equal portions by a vertical bar reaching to the middle of the rectangle. The first portion of the rectangle is colored blue. The second portion of the rectangle is colored orange. The color of the bar is white, showing a small shadow base to the left of it. The shadow base is colored blue. A circle appears from the back upper portion of the blue portion. It continues to circle behind the bar ending at the upper part of the orange section of the rectangle. The two upper parts of the circle are standing free from each other. The circle is colored white.

The name and slogan of the company is designed below the logo. The name of the company is designed in blue capital letters. A thin blue horizontal line follows directly beneath the name. The slogan is colored orange, completing the logo design, being at the very bottom part of it.

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