Letter B Law Firm Logo

Letter B Law Firm Logo

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Letter B Law Firm Logo
Image file: letter-b-law-firm-logo.gif

The Letter b Law Firm Logo was co-designed by Biz-Logo.com for our clients from Sugar Hill, GA.

The logo image displayed on this page was created in the specific format desired by our clients. The lower portion of the letter b is designed by two swooshes. Both swooshes commence on the right as two separate entities. The swooshes unite to end in the left space very close to the middle portion of the upper body of the letter b. The lower body of the letter b is broad and larger than the upper portion.

The upper portion of the letter b starts out as one swoosh becoming wider while flowing in an convex format over the lower part of the letter b. The two swooshes lean over to the right side and come to a closure as two separate swooshes.

The name of the company is designed beneath the logo. The slogan, consisting of four different portions, is designed directly below the name of the company.

The names of the colors are: the color used in the slogan - Fill: 100% PANTONE 188 C. The color used in the inner swoosh of both portions of the body of the logo: Fill: Fountain, Outline: None. The rest of the logo is colored black. The name of this color: Fill: Black, Outline: None.

The name of the fonts used to design the name and slogan of the company is: Romana BT.

The logo has no drop shadow or border lines.

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