Fellowship Church Logo

Fellowship Church Logo

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Fellowship Church Logo
Image file: fellowship-church-logo.gif

Our clients in Quarryville, PA, United States of America, decided to buy a logo from Biz-Logo.com. The logo was found in the Church Category of Biz-Logo.com.

The logo design featured on this page, is a pre-designed logo. The price of the logo is $95.90 (USD).

The logo image is an oval shaped design. This oval border is disconnected in equal distances from each other. The openings in the oval border is on the right hand, left hand sides as well as at the bottom. The gaps in the oval border co-inside with the cross bar of the wooden cross and its main shaft. In the middle of the oval border a cross is designed. The cross is elevated. An arrow head completes the top section of the cross.

The name of the Fellowship Church logo is the carrier or framework in which the logo is designed. The logo takes the place of one of the letters in the church name.

The name of the Fellowship Church logo is designed in capital letters. The Fellowship Church logo is equal in height and length of that of the name of the church. The slogan rests underneath the name of the church.

The Fellowship Church logo is multicolored. The
colors are: Fill: Fountain, Outline None, Fill: White, Outline: None, Fill: 100% PANTONE Blue 072 C, Outline: None and Fill: 100% PANTONE Process Cyan C, Outline: None.

The fonts are Ruben (Normal)(ENU)

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