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Dog Crest Logo
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Becky is our client from Rockwall, Texas. She has been diagnosed as a T1 Diabetic since she was only 7 years old. As the years went by, she has become hypoglycemic unaware and decided she needed assistance. She was fortunate to have been able to afford and train a diabetic alert dog (DAD).

Diabetic alert dogs (DADs) detect and warn owners of changes in their blood sugar levels. It is a trained skill and trainers devote much time and funds to ensure the (DAD) can effectively detect and alert to changes. As a result of this remarkable training, fully taught animals can cost as much as $25 000 (USD) and insurance does not cover the cost. Unfortunately this creates a financial stumbling block that most T1 Diabetics cannot deal with, hence being the reason why Becky incorporated this non-profit organization in May 2014 with the sole intention of providing financial aid to T1 Diabetics for the purchase of a (DAD).

Becky discovered a tailor-made logo design at in our Pets Category for her organization. She bought our Dog Crest logo and only after a few color changes, the logo was finalized. She was thrilled with this design, as the dog portrayed in this logo looks exactly like Sadie, her Labrador (DAD) companion who has been the biggest blessing to her at this time in her life. Rays of light is evident behind the dog image, which denotes new hope for a better future.

The name of the fonts we used, are Jolly Raunchy and Incised901 BdCn BT.

The colors as follows:
100% Pantone 187 C
100% Pantone 185 C
100% Pantone 2985 C

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