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California Realty Logo

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California Realty Logo
Image file: california-realty-logo.gif

The logo displayed on this page is a custom logo designed by

The price tag on this logo is $299-00 (USD). The California Realty Logo was bought by our client from California, United States of America. This logo now belongs to our client.

The turn around time of all custom designed logos by is 2 business days between each revision.

The California Realty Logo was finalized within 4 business days.

The image of the custom logo had to explain the character of the business. Prospect buyers and investors should receive instant visual information activating business for our client. The logo additionally had to emphasize the pleasure of living in California and the ability of our client to realize the dreams of real estate buyers.

The image is cased in a rectangle. Two convex swooshes established the rock formation and the sun rising from behind the rock. The colors of the logo are sky blue, shiny gold, orange and or yellow, brown, green, dark blue and black.

The name of the company is compiled by 3 words. The first word is designed above the rising sun. The other 2 words are designed inside the rock formation. The tag line is designed outside the border lines of the logo.

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