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Lion Design Logo

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Lion Design Logo
Image file: lion-design-logo.gif

Pre-designed logos are created from scratch and are ideal for clients who need a logo delivered quickly. Pre-designed logos turnaround time is one business day in comparison with custom designed logos which are two business days.

Our client from Deizisau, Germany, bought this logo design as is. No variations whatsoever were necessary or requested by our client.

The price is $125.90 (USD). Their money bought them the logo in vector format (for professional printing), in a large, 300dpi jpg format (for their own desktop printing) and they got the jpg file in black and white and in gray scale as well. also sent our clients the logo in gif format (5 different sizes) for web use, at no extra costs.

Additionally, they may request different formats/sizes of the logo (even if it's 10 years from now) free of charge. offers an unconditional money-back guarantee on all our work - so our clients are either 100% happy with the final result or they will receive a full refund.

The Lion Design logo is the image of a lion in combat posture. The lion is facing to the right hand side. A convex curve, designed at the back of the animal figure, runs from left to right, just underneath the stomach of the lion. The curve does not touch the outlines of the lion logo.

The logo is colored black and white. The outlines of the Lion Design logo are black. The interior of the lion image is colored white. The curve is colored black.

The company name is designed in length underneath the lion graphic design. The slogan rests under the company name.

The fonts are MicrogrammaDBolExt (Normal)(ENU). The fonts are colored black.

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