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Building Arch Logo

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Building Arch Logo
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Our clients firm is based in Illinois. They specialize in General Contracting and Construction Management. They were formed in May of 2002 and has since grown into a full-service multi-million dollar construction company with projects nationwide.

They discovered the perfect design for their organization, after browsing our Construction category at

This design comprises of a sturdy gray arched building, with a red swoosh flowing through it. Two smaller yellow buildings are visible from a distance behind it.

The nature of gray is solid and stable, generating a sense of equilibrium . The color red represents a victorious spirit, promoting aspiration. Yellow, on the other hand, encourages creative ideas.

The names of the fonts, are HamburgerHeaven and Placard Condensed (Semibold).

The color codes as follows:
100% Pantone 185 C
100% Pantone 109 C
77% Pantone 447 C

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