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Book Caduceus Logo

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Book Caduceus Logo
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During 2013 Dr. Doumas from New Jersey ordered our Gold Package for $399 USD. With this package clients receive 30 concept designs to choose from, all original designs based on their instructions.

Dr. Doumas is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Rutgers Medical School who has officially launched an international healthcare initiative with the objective of educating the population across the globe on medical disorders. Patients have had minimal access to first class information over centuries and it is their mission to minimize this deficiency, by supplying it online in a free, open access platform to the general public in easy to understand terms. This site is currently completely self-funded by Dr. Doumas.

His site is basically an online medical library, here fore he requested an image of a modern series of books, with the caduceus incorporated somewhere into the design.

One of our skilful designers at prepared the first batch of concept designs, whereafter Mr.Doumas selected a winner. Just a few color and layout refinements, then this remarkable design was polished to go!

The caduceus symbol, also known as the staff of Hermes, depicted as a stick entwined by two snakes and surmounted wings, is used as insignia for healthcare.

We used a slight softer shade of teal blue color in the overall design, 100% Pantone 3135 C. For the first three letters of the website name, we applied 100% Pantone 3165 C. In the slogan below it, we used 50% Pantone 3165 C.

In general, the color teal is a mix between blue and green, which suggests lucidness and clarity of thought. According to color psychology, it expresses calm, serene feelings. On the other hand, green symbolizes strength and spirit.

The name of the font is Myriad Pro Black Condensed.

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