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Letter X Logo

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Letter X Logo
Image file: letter-x-logo.gif

The logo on this page, was bought by our client from Fihaara Male, Maldives.

Our client paid the requested amount of $125.90 for his logo. The Letter X Logo design became his business property immediately after the order went through. A Transfer of Copyright Document for each and every graphic design by Biz-Logo.com, is available on request.

The turn around time for pre-designed logos is 1 business day.

In this price range, print-ready vector art is included; web-ready gif files are included; high resolution JPG and PNG are included; a black and white version is included and a grayscale version is included.

To top it all, a lifetime backup of our client's logo is ensured in the archive of Biz-Logo.com. And an unconditional money-back guarantee is in place!

$125.90 is the sole price. Our client paid the price in full without hidden fees or surprises later on!

The logo image is that of two right marks with a shadow base attached to the lower portions of the lower right mark. The lower right mark is the reversed mirror image of the upper right mark.

The colors of the logo design is Fill: 100% PANTONE 716 C, Outline: None and Fill: 100% PANTONE 520 C, Outline: None.

The fonts of the name of the company designed underneath the logo are named Gill Sans MT Condensed (Normal)(ENU) . The fonts are designed in small letters.

A swoosh separates the company name from the tag line.

The fonts of the tag line are named CastleT (Normal)(ENU). The tag line is designed below the name of the company. The tag line consists out of six words, written in small letters. Five of the six words commence with capital letters.

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