Accounting Letter J Logo

Accounting Letter J Logo

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Accounting Letter J Logo
Image file: accounting-letter-j-logo.gif

The logo shown to your left is from the graphic design studios of

The price of the logo is $125.90 (USD).

Our client from Sulejwek, Poland, bought the pre-designed logo and within two business days was the owner of the finalized logo. The logo image remained static. A few changes to the colors, tag line and company name placings as well as the fonts, brought the design process to a closure.

The logo design is the letter J inside a rectangle. The upper portion of the rectangle is left open, simulating the horizontal bar of the letter J. The bottom portion of the letter J is designed leaving the rectangle open, as well. The logo design has no borders or shadow base.

The name of the company is designed in capital letters, to the right of the logo. The tag line is designed in small letters underneath the company name. The tag line has 2 words. Each word commences with a capital letter.

A fine horizontal line is designed between the name of the company and the tag line.

The colors are Fill: 70% Black, Outline: None, Fill: Black, Outline: None and Fill: 100% PANTONE 5615 C, Outline: None.

The fonts are Futura BdCn BT (Normal)(ENU).

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