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Software Globe Logo

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Software Globe Logo
Image file: software-globe-logo.gif

The logo on this page was called for by our clients. They needed a logo design to express the production lines of their business.

The Software Globe Logo exists as a result of a partnership between our clients and one of in-house graphic designers. The assignment was a tough one: the logo had to display the future in IT software developments while concurring with the specific character of the business.

A drawn circle was the starting point. From there onwards, graphic designer and clients rolled out the logo seen over here. The globe displays North and South America in part to the left side of an open oval shaped space. To the right, parts of continents such as Europe and Africa can be seen. The open space cuts almost to the very end of the bottom and upper parts of the globe. The globe is colored blue, indicating the oceans and the continents are colored various shades of orange. The oval space is colored white.

The company name and strap line are designed at the bottom of the globe. The company name is colored blue and deep orange. The strap line is colored black.

A drop shadow designed at the base of the globe gives substance to the vastness of the logo concept.

The names of the colors are: orange -- Fill: 100% PANTONE 172 C; blue -- Fill: 100% PANTONE 3005 C; black -- Black, Outline: None and white -- White, Outline: None.

The name of the font used to designed the text is called HandelGotDBol (68.116 pt and 22.371 pt).

Borderlines were a no-no!

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