Fine Art Photography Logo

Fine Art Photography Logo

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Fine Art Photography Logo
Image file: fine-art-photography-logo.gif

The client from Chorley, United Kingdom had specific needs for his company logo.

He wanted a contemporary feel to his logo as his clients were galleries, art buyers and personalities who commission fine art photography. There were certain specifications he wanted done to the two swooshes representing the lens of a camera.

The image viewed on this page is a representation of nature seen through a camera lens. Two swooshes are equal in form. They are disconnected. The swooshes simulate a circle. A single leaf is designed inside the circle. The broad portion of the leaf extends over the lower part of the circle. The upper part of the leaf goes underneath the circle and appears again outside the circle. The color of the leaf is light brown. The circle on the right side of the logo is colored green, as is the name of the company designed to the right of the logo.

A delicate line separates the name of the company and the tag line. The light gray of the second circle reflects in the tag line.

The logo is free from border lines.

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