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3D M Logo
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Richard Anaya and team from California specialize in sports foot safety gear.
They have created an amazing device which absorbs the anterior point of impact on feet before the critical detrimental angle is reached. This device acts as a protective barrier between the anterior lower edge of the foot and an opposing hard surface in order to minimize the possibility of an interior ankle sprain or break. In addition to absorbing the initial angle impact, they ensure their device will help decrease the chance of a much more severe injury extended to the 5th metatarsal joint and ankle bone of the foot.

During 2014 Richard ordered our stunning pre-designed 3D M Logo for $145 (USD).

This masterpiece consists of a three dimensional red letter M surrounded by a swoosh. A swoosh indicates movement taking place, in Richards case it refers to sports. To create depth in the letter M and give it a three dimensional look, we applied several percentages of black and white combined shades beneath it. We used 60% - 90% Black mixed with 100% White.

The focus point in this design is on the color red. Red is the color of energy, speed and physical movement, which makes this design perfect for Richards flourishing sports business. The color code for this shade of red we used, is 100% PANTONE 485 C.

To round off this design, we used this snazzy Earth Normal (ENU) font.

Richard is absolutely head over heels about his design which he now uses proudly as his trademark on his product and website.

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