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All Seeing Eye logo
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This client from New Jersey had specific requirements for his company logo and bought our Custom Silver Package for $299 (USD) which provides 15 concept designs to choose from.

Being in the transportation industry, he wanted the logo to speak for itself, so the main message to customers had to be about speed and being noticed. Our client had a combination of an All Seeing Eye and a famous historical Warship in mind.

This Warship was used by the ancient maritime civilizations of the Mediterranean during the Hellenistic-era. It was very fast and agile and was said to have been capable of reaching great speeds.

The All Seeing Eye portraying to customers: Seeing your logistical needs all the way, hence creating the feeling of recognition and being noticed. This was indicated by using light shades of orange for the rays, situated behind the Warship encased in a circle.

The circle symbolizes perfection, inclusivity of the universe and also places the emphasis on the centre point of focus.

Orange and blue were used, with accompanying shades thereof. Orange radiates warmth and is associated with joy and success, while blue strongly indicates tranquility, trust and calmness.

Artistic Text: Century Gothic (Bold) (ENU)

Curve-Fill 100% PANTONE 288 C
Curve-Fill 100% PANTONE 1585 C
Curve-Fill 73% PANTONE 1585 C

Ellipse-Fill 70% PANTONE 288 C

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