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Modern Health Logo

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Modern Health Logo
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Our client is a doctor from Irvine, California. He practices Integrative Medicine that supports holistically focused healthcare. They are leaders in regenerative medicine utilizing treatments which allow the body to restore and heal in a natural way, without the need of painful surgery.

During 2015 he discovered the perfect logo design for his practice in our Medical Logo Category. This design speaks for itself, as it conveys a message of wellness. A white figurine can be seen dancing and jumping up in the air with absolute joy!

Blue is a color that seeks tranquility, creating a sense of both physical and mental relaxation.

The name of the font is Dressel Light and the colors as follows:

100% Pantone 647 C Dark Blue
100% Pantone 298 C Light Blue
100% Pantone 446 C Dark Gray
100% Pantone 429 C Light Gray

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