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Handyman Logo
Image file: handyman-logo.gif

Our client from GLASSBORO, NJ, United States of America decided to immortalize their business into a custom logo design.

The price of the Handyman logo is $149 (USD). This is a Budget Package from Biz-Logo.com. The Budget Package provides 3 uniquely graphic designed logos. Our client chooses the logo design nearest to their business needs and descriptions. One of Biz-Logo.com in-house graphic designers gets to work on the chosen logo design until the client is 100% satisfied. Unlimited alterations are offered in the Budget Package.

Our client reached finalization of his logo after receiving 8 concept designs. The logo project was completed within 7 business days.

The Handyman logo depicts the sky line of a residential area as part of a city. The contours of two residential homes can be seen on the left hand side of the logo. The second home to the right hand side of the first home, has a chimney from which smoke curls to the right. The smoke waves itself out of the outlines of the logo. The smoke column swooshes in front of a yellow circle. The yellow circle simulates a rising moon. At the back of the rising moon another larger circle completes the sky line. This larger circle simulates a rising sun. The rising sun or half circle enfolds two thirds of the logo design running from the left near bottom of the logo and ending at the right side down the near bottom of the logo.

Two trees are designed in the space between the two residential homes to the left and the double story office blocks to the right. The yellow circle is placed at the back of the two trees and the silhouette of the office blocks. A tree is designed on the very right hand side of the logo.

The silhouette of the buildings trees and ground levels are unequal. The logo interior is resting on a horizontal platform. Between the silhouettes of buildings trees and ground levels and the horizontal platform is designed the the first word of the name of the company. The second and last words of the company name is designed outside the parameters of the logo design. Underneath of these two words rests the slogan of the company.

A fine horizontal line separates the name and slogan of the company.

The logo is multicolored. The convex half circle simulating the sun is colored orange. The moon is colored yellow. The exterior of the lineage of the swoosh simulating the curling smoke from the chimney is colored orange sharply distinguishing itself from the yellow moon. The smoke curly column is colored white. The buildings trees and ground levels are colored black. The first word of the company name is colored orange contrasted against a black colored background. The rest of the company name and the slogan is colored black. The fine line is colored gray.

The fonts are Footlight MT Light (Light)(ENU) and Frutiger LT Std 45 Light (Medium)(ENU.

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