Blue Swoosh Eagle Logo

Blue Swoosh Eagle Logo

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Blue Swoosh Eagle Logo
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Todd Leleux is our client from Louisiana in the USA who is involved in the Aviation Industry. They deliver aircraft operators world class technical experience, reliable and affordable maintenance along with virtually any repair and airframe alteration. Specializing in the repair and maintenance of piston, turbo-prop and jet aircraft, they recruit technicians and workforce that together bring decades of mastery and experience which offer exceptional service that cannot be easily found anytime or anywhere.

Todd was exploring our Eagle Logo category at and purchased our elegant Blue Swoosh Eagle logo at $145 (USD).

This Eagle design was created using swooshes. The body of the Eagle is blue and both wings are red in color, suggesting the colors of the American flag. The codes for these colors are 100% PANTONE 295 C and 100% PANTONE 201 C.

An interesting fact is that the Bald Eagle was officially adopted as the emblem of the United States in 1787. It was chosen because of its association with authority.
The ferocious beauty and arrogant independence of this great bird symbolizes the power and freedom of America.

For the company name, we used the Scout Bold (ENS) font.

Undoubtedly a magnificent design for an American Aviation company!

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