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Arrow Logo
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Our client is from Jacksonville.

The logo on display is about making money. The logo design had to portray interaction between the business of our client and their customers.

Graphically composing a profitable business logo starts out with the most important factor : money. The red horizontal designed bar in this logo symbolizes the driving force behind management and profits. Both ends of the bar are sliced to indicate forward movement. The horizontal bar is proceeded by a blue arrow. The bottom portion of the arrow is lengthened back towards the red horizontal bar under girding, so to speak, the horizontal bar. The lower portion of arrow intensifies in color.

The name of the company as well as its slogan is designed to the right side of the logo. A thin red line separates the name and the slogan. The slogan has one word colored red. The rest of the slogan as well as the name of the company is colored in different shades of blue.

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