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Innovation Company Logo

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Innovation Company Logo
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Our client is from Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Our client found and bought the logo shown in this page, on the Web page of The logo is a pre-designed logo created by one of the in-house graphic designers of

The logo image is composed of three objects: the globe, the abbreviations of the company name and the placement of the company name and slogan of the company.

The globe is designed in two separate sections. Instead of having a full circle, the right side of the globe gives way to the in surgeon of the abbreviation of the company name. The section sliced away to allow the abbreviation to settle in, is turned away in an outward direction to the left side of the globe. The sliced portion of the globe cuts into the middle of the main circle. The globe is beautifully balanced through the spiked design on top of the main circle.

The slogan of the company is designed to the right side of the logo, continuing beneath the length of the logo.

The font used to design the company name and slogan is called Ruben.

The logo is colored in various shades of red and also colored in black. The name of the colors of red is Fill: Fountain. The name of the color black is Fill: Black.

The logo design is void of border lines as well as a shadow base.

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