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Lighthouse Insurance Logo

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Lighthouse Insurance Logo
Image file: lighthouse-insurance-logo.gif

Our client from Florida emailed his thoughts and visions to one of our in house graphic designers. A custom graphic design was born.

The Lighthouse Insurance Logo took off with the graphic design exhibited on this page. However, a multiple graphic designs followed. Our client returned time and again to the first concept design and in the end called for finalization of this design.

The image is that of a light house operating in the dark. The light illuminates from from the back flip of the head screen. The light thus illuminates the right and left sides of the environment. The beam on the right is much larger than the beam on the left side. The light house is designed on the very end of the left graphic space. The lighthouse is grounded onto a swoosh designed in concave format. The swoosh nearly surrounds the logo design in an eclipse, serving as a partial border line. The inside of the graphic space that is not illuminated, follows the contours of the eclipse.

The name and strap line of our client's company is designed to the middle right of the logo. The name of the company is designed in upper case and the strap line below the name is designed in lower case except for the first letters of each of the four words.

The colors of the logo are Fill: 100% PANTONE 281 C (dark blue)and Fill: 100% PANTONE 278 C (light blue). The white is Fill: White.

The name of the font used is LHF Essendine (56.234 pt). This font was used for designing the name of the company. The strap line is designed using the font Myriad Pro Cond (23.613 pt).

The logo design is void of border lines and a drop shadow.

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