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Suit Tie Logo
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Yazan manages an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Company in Canada ever since it was established in 2013. With Mother Nature in mind, their goal is to provide eco-friendly dry cleaning while retaining exceptional service and the best fabric care. They are proudly the very first dry cleaning plant in the Ancaster area to operate exclusively using Green, Environmentally Friendly, Dermatologically Tested solvents.

Yazan approached us for a suitable logo for their business and decided to purchase our Platinum Package for $899 USD. With this package, clients receive unlimited unique concept logos to choose from, all designed from scratch and to their specifications. Yazan also received a Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope design, which was included with the price.

After some initial discussions between Yazan and our design team, he suggested an image of a black male suit with a green tie to represent the nature of their business. After a few concept logos were created, he made his final pick and a new trademark was born, which can be seen on their stationary items, website, as well as their delivery van! They are now the legal copyright owners of this remarkable design.

Green is the color of growth, associated with renewal and promotes a love of nature and everything organic.

The font we used, is called FrizQuadrata BT (Bold).

The color codes as follows:

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