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Construction Logo

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Construction Logo
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The Construction Logo is the sole property of our client from Oakland, CA, United States of America.

This logo is a custom graphic design. It is completely initiated by our client and designed according to her guidelines and inspiration, by one of in-house graphic designers.

The price of the custom logo taken from the Budget Package offer, is $149.00 (USD). offers a Money-Back Guarantee with all their graphic design work.

The Construction logo is superbly designed for the upper construction markets.

The logo design has an oval shape. The contours of a house roof top without a chimney are flanked by two horizontal lines. The left hand side line borders the left wall of the house, situation just underneath the end of the roof top. The right hand side line is detached from the right hand wall of the house.

Underneath the main graphic design of the house, lies the name of the company in capital letters. The name of the company is compiled by two words.

The slogan is designed below the name of the company. The fonts of the slogan are in capital and small letters.

The oval shape into which the house and company details are embedded, has four swooshes. These swooshes surround the solid center of the oval shape. The two outer swooshes are detached from the main oval body. The one swoosh is designed at the upper left hand side of the logo. The second swoosh is designed to the right lower hand side of the logo. The inner two swooshes are flowing out from the solid oval shape. These swooshes are adjacent to the detached swooshes.

The logo is multicolored. The upper swoosh, disconnected from the oval shape as well as the contours of the house and the company name are colored red. The lower swoosh disconnected from the oval shape is colored dark brown. The slogan is colored light brown. The main body of the oval shape and two flowing swooshes are different shades of gold.

The font of the company name is Trajan Pro (Bold)(ENU). The font of the slogan is Romana BT (Normal)(ENS)

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