Parcel Delivery Logo

Parcel Delivery Logo

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Parcel Delivery Logo
Image file: parcel-delivery-logo.gif

The Parcel Delivery logo has two distinctive sections. The swoosh design underneath the upper portion which is the outline of roof tops and the second section is that of the first word of the name of the Parcel Delivery business, nestling parallel with the the logo.

The rest of the Parcel Delivery business name continues underneath the swoosh. The first word of the business name has the same graphic design measurements as the logo design. The telephone number of the business concludes the business name and have an horizontal line running under the Parcel Delivery business name.

The colors of the swoosh and the outline of the roof tops are brown and black. The swoosh is colored brown. The roof tops are colored in both brown and black. The first word of the company name is colored in brown. The rest of the company name is colored in black, as well as the horizontal line. The telephone number, however is colored in brown.

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