Plumbing Waterdrop Logo

Plumbing Waterdrop Logo

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Plumbing Waterdrop Logo
Image file: plumbing-waterdrop-logo.gif

The logo displayed on this page caught the attention of our client from Adelaide, Australia.

The Plumbing Water drop Logo is a graphic design of a globe marked by two swooshes at the right hand top portion of the globe. The first swoosh bursts from a point upwards transcending the upper border of the globe. The globe gave way and the border line shows the aftermath of the explosion. The image was transformed into a globe with a throttle at the top. A second swoosh descends from outside of the globe flowing into and over the first swoosh as well as the middle section of the globe. The second swoosh ends in a star format illuminating the environment. The logo has a drop shadow.

The name of the fonts used to design the text is MicrogrammaDBolExt (45.179 pt).

The names of the colors of the logo are: light blue - Fill: 100% PANTONE 311 C; Fill: Fountain, Outline: None; deep blue - Fill: 100% PANTONE 2955 C; drop shadow - Fill: 20% PANTONE 2955 C; light blown - Fill: 96% PANTONE 490 C.

The logo has no border lines.

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