Letter M Swoosh Logo

Letter M Swoosh Logo

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Letter M Swoosh Logo
Image file: letter-m-swoosh-logo.gif

The logo design was ordered by our client is from Dammam.

The logo depicted on this page is the master piece of one of our senior graphic designers from Biz-Logo.com. The assignment was particularly difficult. Our client wanted to see the following characteristics of his business realized in the logo: fountain under the sea, manpower services, construction and general contracting.

Six ultra unique graphic designs were presented to our client. Our client chose the logo displayed on this page. The duration of the design process was one single business day!

The logo itself is composed of 4 swooshes in convex format. The swooshes is designed in upright position, bending over to the far side away from the viewer. The four swooshes are designed into 2 combined swooshes, the one supporting the other. The upper swoosh of each of the 2 swooshes is colored various flowing shades of blue. The 2 remaining under portions of the 4 swooshes is colored black. The first swoosh from the left lightly touches the second swoosh thus forming the letter M.

The name of the business is compiled by 1 word. The word is designed in capital letters. The name is colored blue. The slogan is designed in small letters below the name.

The logo has no border lines nor a shadow base.

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