Two Color Construction Logo

Two Color Construction Logo

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Two Color Construction Logo
Image file: two-color-construction-logo.gif

The logo image displayed on this page reveals the heart of construction at its best.

The image is presented in four sections: the roof, the body of the building, the placement of the company name and the placement of the strap line.

A roof with a chimney to the left is designed. This structured part of the building is hanging in suspension. Below the roof the main body of the building is designed. As the main portion of the building features a arrow designed at the bottom, the main structure is seen in three dimension. The top portion of the main structure is created with a black ribbon following the contours of the roof above it. The color of the roof and main body of the building is colored green. The name of the green color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 369 CVC.

Constructed below the image is the name of the company. The name of the company exists of three words designed in first letter capitals and small lettering. The name is colored black.

A horizontal line dividing the name of the company and its strap line is colored green. The strap line beneath the horizontal line is colored green. The overall green color carries the same name as mentioned above.

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