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Appraisal Real Estate Logo

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Appraisal Real Estate Logo
Image file: appraisal-real-estate-logo.gif

The logo displayed on this page is a pre-designed logo by the studios of

The logo image is compiled by the outlines of a building. One of the four corners of the building faces the viewer. The building has a double bar design on its highest level. This indicates a multi-leveled building. The building foundation or at least the ground level is sloping. The building is therefore built at the foot of a mountain as the slope is higher at the back in contrast to the front.

A swoosh encircles the building commencing from the front of the logo, rising higher as it swings behind the back of the building re-appearing to the left side of the logo.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo in bold capital letters.

The slogan of the business is designed underneath the name colored blue.

No border lines were designed.

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