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Globe Company Logo

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Globe Company Logo
Image file: globe-company-logo.gif

The logo on view here, is a pre-designed logo by

The Globe Company Logo gripped the attention of our client from Haiti. The pre-designed logo was found in the Globe Circle Category on the Web site of

The image displays a globe. The globe has lateral and vertical lines. The globe is designed in upright position. The globe is colored light gray. The lateral and vertical lines are colored white. The globe rests on a leave shaped design. The leave shaped design is placed to the left of the globe. The leave is slightly slanting to the left side of the globe. The color of leave is red. A shadow base is seen on the leave. The shadow base is the shape of the globe. The color of the shadow base is different shades of black.

The name of the company is designed to the right of the Globe Company Logo. Three capital letters are abbreviations of the company name. A red hyphen follows a space between the capital letters and the hyphen. The name of our client's country is designed right after a space. The color of the capital letters and the name of the country is the same shade of dark blue.

The slogan of the company is designed in red capital letters beneath the Globe Company Logo.

The logo has no border lines.

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