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Financial Services Logo

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Financial Services Logo
Image file: financial-services-logo.gif

Our client from 2900 New York, United States of America, bought the financial services pre-design logo "as is". No alterations were made to the logo design, except for the designing of the name of the company and the tag line.

The logo design is multi dimensional. The outlines of the logo design is designed into two layers. These layers are molded into two separate triangles. The three sides of the Financial Services logo design resembles three flat surfaces, coming together in the middle forming a pyramid. The pyramid has a left bottom corner, extending from underneath the top pyramid.

The logo design is multi colored. The pyramid forming the platform of the second pyramid is colored black. Two sides of the top or second pyramid, resting on the first pyramid is colored 100% PANTONE 341 CVC Outline: None. The third surface of the pyramid is colored 47% PANTONE 341 CVC Outline: None.

The company name is placed at the right hand side of the logo design. The name is design in capital letters. The name commences precisely at the same level at the end of the graphic design.

The tag line rests just below the name of the company.

The fonts are Schneidler BT (Bold)(ENU).

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