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Construction Company Logo

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Construction Company Logo
Image file: construction-company-logo.gif

The logo shown on this page is a signage logo. The logo was designed by one of the in-house graphic designers of

The logo is compiled by the name of the company, a one word description of the nature of the business and the abbreviation of three words.

The first letter of the name of the company is designed in bold capital writing. The letter m from the Western alphabet is the starting point of the signage Construction Company Logo. The normal curves of the letter m is replaced by a swoosh taking on the form of a sea gull in flight. The two pillars of the letter m is designed in thick black format. The rest of the letters forming the company name, are designed in bold capital letters. They are smaller than the first letter of the name.

The second level contains the business description and the abbreviations.

The logo is free from border lines and shadow base.

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