Horse Manners Training Logo

Horse Manners Training Logo

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Horse Manners Training Logo
Image file: horse-manners-training-logo.gif

Equestrian training skills are inherited by very special human beings. These skills had to be reflected in our client's logo design.

The logo design displayed on this page is a custom logo. The image unveils the horse's head, neck and a small portion of its back and buttocks.

The horse's head is turned to the right. The horse is attentive, measured by the upright position of the ears, the look in the eye and the wide spread nostrils.

A large swoosh is designed commencing from the left bottom of the neck of the horse, towering above and over the head of the horse, closing in convex format, a short distance from the top portion of the company name.

The company name and slogan are designed to the right of the horse.

The colors of the logo is light blue and gray.

The logo is free from border lines.

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