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Pony Letter Logo

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Pony Letter Logo
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Our client is from Bethlehem, PA, United States of America.

The prerequisites were: the logo must have a enclosed environment around it; the logo has to carry the first letters of the two words that is the company name; the first letter must be designed slightly above the second letter and a vertical line must be applied to the logo design as well as the design of the name of the company.

The graphic designer from Biz-Logo.com and our client clinched their partnership so successfully that this customized logo was born within the second graphic concept design presented by the designer!

The two letters P and C were designed in close proximity of each other. In fact the letter C blends in with the letter P for a short distance. At this point the attention of the viewer glides to the short shaft of the letter P in comparison with the longer curve of the letter C. The environment in which these two letters are designed is colored black. The vertical line drawn in the middle portion of the two letters P and C is also colored black. The letter P is colored white. The lower portion of the letter C is colored white. The upper part of the letter C is colored hot pink. The enclosure of the letters P and C is designed in a circle.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo. The letters of the two words are designed in capital format. A vertical line is drawn between the two letters. All of the letters spelling the two words are finely gritted by horizontal lines. All of the letters of the two words have a thick hot pink line to the right side of the letters. All the letters of the name as well as the vertical line is colored in hot pink.

The name of the fonts used to draw the name of the company is AvantGarde Bk BT (24 pt). These fonts have been modified by the hand of the graphic designer.

The names of the colors of the logo are: black - Fill: 100% PANTONE 296 C; the hot pink - 100% PANTONE 225 C.

The logo is free of a drop shadow and order lines.

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