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Investment Corporation Logo

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Investment Corporation Logo
Image file: investment-corporation-logo.gif

Our client from the Republic of Panama ordered and paid for a pre-designed logo. The pre-designed logo was searched on the Web site of

The logo image features a star reflecting only the one side of it, a swoosh and a shadow base formed by the star and swoosh. The star designed in partial, has three spikes. The vertical spike is sliced in two portions. The swoosh rises from behind the upper part of the star, flowing in convex format, outwards, to the bottom of the star without touching the star.

The shadow base is a pure reflection of the logo as a unit.

The name of the business is designed to the right side of the logo. The name of the business is compiled by two words. The two words are designed right next to each other. The name of the business is designed in bold capital letters. The name of the font used for the design of the name is Bitstream Vera Serif.

The slogan of the business is designed right below the name. The same font was used namely Bitstream Vera Serif.

The logo is colored blue, black and gray. The name of the color blue is Fill: 100% PANTONE 287 C. The name of the black color is Fill: Black. The name of the color gray is Fill: 60% Black, Outline: None.

The logo is void of border lines.

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