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Realtor Listing Logo

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Realtor Listing Logo
Image file: realtor-listing-logo.gif

This is a pre-designed logo from

Our client paid $199.00 (USD)for the Realtor listing logo.

The turnaround time is one business day. Four concept designs were emailed to our client. The project was finalized within two business days.

Our client is from the Virgin Islands, Great Britain.

The logo design is a house or home, in silhouette, resting within an inscription rectangle in which the name of the company and tag line is designed. The home or house and the inscription rectangle forms an unity. The home or house has two windows situated in the front wing, left hand side of the logo design. The chimney is designed on top of the two wings of the building meeting each other. On the right hand side, two steps are leading down to the ground level.

The inside of the windows, the outlines of the silhouette and the name of the company and the tag line are colored white. The house or home and the inscription rectangle is colored light green. The bottom of the inscription rectangle is underlined in black. At the back of the home or house a huge yellowish orange ball glows. The shimmer of light falls on the roof top of the house or home.

The name of the company is designed on top of the tag line.

The artistic text is Aquaduct Warp (Normal)(ENU) and LambrettistA Light (ENU).

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