Circular Cutlery Catering logo

Circular Cutlery Catering logo

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Circular Cutlery Catering logo
Image file: circular-cutlery-catering-logo.gif

The company is located in Australia.

Our client opened up a cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, as well as takeaways. The pre-designed logo shown on this page got their vote. The logo shows a crossed fork and knife on a plate, indicating that the customer is in a resting position and hasn't finished eating yet. It could symbolize that the food served here is delicious and that the customer obviously enjoys the food, reluctant to leave too soon.

The pre-designed logo had a price tag of $125 (USD). The turn around time is 1 business day between each revision. Within 2 business days, our client called for closure and the Circular Cutlery Catering Logo was finalized.

The logo has no shadow base.

The name of the company is designed directly underneath the logo.

100% PANTONE 7427 C, Outline: None
100% PANTONE 7546 C, Outline: None

Artistic Text: BlairMdITC TT (Medium) (ENU)

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