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Hexagon Logo
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Our client is from Addison, Texas.

The logo on display is a pre-designed logo. The logo was bought by our client to become the flagship of his business.

Initially, the pre-designed logo had three hexagon designs combined into a vertical string format. Our client requested the addition of a swoosh onto which our graphic designer then rested the three hexagon tablets. The swoosh is, of course, designed in concave format to accommodate the hexagon tablets. Inside each of the hexagons, the first letter of each of the three words of the company name, received its place.

The name and slogan of the company are designed to the right side of the logo.

The name of the font used to design the single letters in each hexagon is AvantGarde Bk BT. The name of the font used to design the name of the company in is Impact. The name of the font used to design the slogan in is Humnst777 BT.

The swoosh is colored in several shades of black. The name of these color flows is Fill: R:0 G:0 B:0. The borders of the hexagon tablets are colored black. The name of this color is Fill: Black, Outline: None. The name of the color red is Fill: 100% PANTONE 186 C.

The logo is void of border lines and shadow base.

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