Aeronautical Marine Environmental Logo

Aeronautical Marine Environmental Logo

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Aeronautical Marine Environmental Logo
Image file: aeronautical-marine-environmental-logo.gif

Our client is from Anacortes.

A letter B logo design was chosen from the Web site of This letter B logo as seen on this page had to carry the characteristics of our client's business into the business world.

The logo design is the image of 2 swooshes designed as a letter B. The 2 swooshes are caught into a globe. The globe is slightly tilted backwards. The inner portion of the first upper swoosh is colored green. The 2 swooshes themselves are colored white. The rest of the interior of the globe is colored blue. The white color of the first swoosh is faded simulating a sharp light shining from the top onto the swoosh.

The logo has a shadow base.

No border lines were designed.

The name of the company as well as its slogan is designed to the right side of the logo.

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